We perform pattern grading using highly advanced computer system. Through this system, we rapidly process large orders and materialize the best possible fit for every size.


Our pattern grading experts possess profound knowledge and vast experience for every style of pattern grading—anywhere from large department stores to haute couture designer wear. We have continuously linked our relationship with the buyers of top designers because we fully understood and fulfilled the buyer’s complicated requests on size and style.


Our pattern grading experts have developed a pattern grading rule of body measurement method for analytical purposes of intended target markets. It is impossible to create a beautiful line while maintaining the original style and line--not distorting each size, without the understanding of body ratio. In other words, we have had a strong conviction in working to create a beautiful pattern for every size. To create size differs from replicating. Skilled grade makers only refer to the pattern grading rule library, but they do not replicate.


We prefer the inner durability more than the outer appearance. We do not ignore even the smallest points and lines that the customer may ignore. Because we do not integrate even the smallest points randomly, a line is created, which eventually creates a beautiful silhouette of an artistic production.


We use highly advanced computer system and maximum effort in the pattern grading process. We put in twice the effort of other companies. We can avoid and prevent any potential accidents and mistakes ahead of time.


At times, it may seem as though your in-house employees are very close by, when they are actually not. Our experts that are far away can closely examineany potential accidents and procedure errors better than those that are close by. We have sharp observations in discovering any potential problematic issues. This is only possible by our experts that have vast experience and wisdom in garment production.

When faced with an issue that may cause errors, we contact our customer via email, telephone, text message, or in-person. This will allow us to confirm the procedure and move on to the next step.


The manufacturing process of the fashion business is not an imagination; it is reality. We would like to be your acquaintance that offers what you need, rather than producing what you want.


You can only focus on the marketing of your lines and sales. You can believe us in handling any issues with pattern grading. We will be responsible for your tranquility.


Pattern sizes that have been digitalized through pattern grading can be sent worldwide for saving, plotting, sampling, or for production purposes via digital files. 


The requirements for pattern grading include pattern, pattern chart, the spec, a quarter yard of fabric, and a production sample.