Our best pattern makers in LA possess long term experience in preproduction and production pattern making; therefore, they know what the customer needs, not only wants.


We have profound knowledge and extensive experience in fabric variety such as fabric shrinkage, fit problems, and draping. Therefore, we have displayed excellence in garment design production that have balance, comfort, and have beautiful fit.


We specialize in pattern making of contemporary, missy, junior, plus size, men’s wear, teen’s wear, sportswear, and children’s wear. We have created prototypical patterns and production patterns that consider the cost efficiency of production.


We create our pattern production based on measurement, fabrics, working, flat sketches with front and back views, photos, or samples that you provide us with. We have tried our very best to draw out your design intents by including even the most minor details and lines shown in the sketch.


You can provide us with blocks or measurement specifications for the best size and fit. You can also provide us with measurements or samples that you desire.


We have adapted and taken rapid action to a fast-paced environment. We have used the advanced modern CAD system to manufacture patterns and to provide the most suitable fits to each of our clients.


There are various body sizes within our pattern library, and those data can help satisfy your buyer’s body size requests. Your pattern that is saved in our database can always be edited anytime, or it could be used as a block for another production—it could be plotted.


The finished patterns are handed to you in paper patterns along with a pattern card. We will provide the customer a DXF format file for those that wish to receive it as a digital file.


When customers wish to have their patterns be analyzed, we will provide editing and consulting for patterns that have been made from elsewhere.


The requirements for pattern making includemeasurement, fabrics, working, flat sketches with front and back views, photos or samples.